The Bournemouth Branch of The Embroiderers' Guild

Programme of events 2018

Welcome to our web-site.


We are a group of like minded stitchers of all levels living in and around Bournemouth, Dorset; who are interested in all types of textile work; hand stitching, machine stitching and beyond.


We normaly (see April) meet at:- West Parley Memorial Hall on the 4th Friday of each Month (not necessarily the last Friday!!). Between 09.30am and 3 pm.

Christchurch Rd, West Parley, Bournemouth, BH22 8SQ Welcome to our web-site.


Please arrive by about 9.30, for a prompt start at 10am;

this will allow time to set up the room, prepare your own materials and have an initial coffee.

For more information about our group please see the General Information page.



Feb 23rd- "Machine Embroidered Cords, Braids, Tassels & Trees", with Linda Carswell.


March 23rd- "Printing for stitch", with Alison Hulme.


April 20th- "Embellishing for Embroidery", with Fay Maxwell.

Please note - this is not on the 4th Friday of the month.


May 25th- "Vintage Memory Books", with Terina Foster.


June 22nd- "Mono printing", with Georgina Hopps.


July 27th- "Unfinished Objects" (UFOs)


Sept 28th- AGM Speaker, Janet Twinn "From Canvas to Calico"


Oct. 26th- Gill Lamey - To be arranged


Nov. 23rd - Three Winter Workshops



Please arrive by about 9.30, for a prompt start at 10am;

this will allow time for you to help set up the room, prepare your own materials and have an initial coffee/tea.


We are always very pleased to showcase the high standards and talents of Guild members. If you would like to take a workshop, for our branch please speak to one of the committee members.


Please Note - "Embellishing for Embroidery", with Fay Maxwell. Is on 20th April- not the 4th Friday of the month,



Linda Carswell’s Machine Embroidered Cords, Braids, Tassels and Trees










Requirements for CORDS:

•Sewing machine able to stitch wide zigzags

•variety of machine sewing and embroidery threads [including some variegated or metallic if you have them]

•plenty of yarns of different kinds [smooth tend to be better than fluffy but bring any you have] this may include string, wool + raffia, though the latter make a rather stiff cord!

•usual sewing kit


Requirements for BRAIDS (1):

•as above


Requirements for BRAIDS (2):

•as above + strips of fabric, lace ribbons, other cords and things that may be incorporated as you wish


Requirements for TASSELS:

•as for cords + a square or rectangular frame that will go under machine presser foot [if you don’t have one bring a piece thick card (mountboard or similar) into which you can cut a rectangular slot to sew through]


Requirements for TREES *:

•Sewing machine able to stitch wide zigzags

•Darning foot [if you have one]

•embroidery hoop(s) that will go under presser foot [if a tight fit, remember you can drop the feed to give more clearance]

•plain cotton fabric [not too prone to fraying] to fit hoop

•machine embroidery threads in tree trunk colours (or fantasy colours if you wish)

•spray starch [optional]

•fabric for background [if you get that far!]


Please note * I am not laying claim to any originality here: this tree technique is described by Alison Holt in her excellent book ‘Machine Embroidered Landscapes’ Batsford, 1990; but I am offering you a chance to practice it together and possibly try some other creative lace work too.


Fay Maxwell’s Workshop Requirements;02.04.18



Embellishing Machine


Collection of ; Wool Tweeds,Silk,Sheers,Velvet,Cottons


Small pieces preferably torn into strips


Base Fabric ;Heavy weight cotton ie.curtain fabric, must be coloured.


Piece of Kunin Felt approx 20x20 inches


This must be polyester and burnable


Card L shaped in two pieces for framing small areas.


Heat Gun if you have one and a board (tin baking tray or large tin lid)




Teas, Coffee and Lunch Rota 2018




Feb. 23rd Linda Carswell Linda Cummings Janet & Liz T.


March 23rd Alison Hulme June B. Doff & L. Sepsford


April 20th Fay Maxwell Janet Lincoln Daphne & Maggie


May 25th Terina Foster Maggie Gill & Rita


June 22nd Georgina Hopps Heather Beryl & Jo


July 27th UFOs Member's own food Lynne P & Georgina


Sep. 28th AGM Bring and Share Daphne


Oct. 26th Gill Lamey Jan Granson Lesley Sapsford


Nov. 23rd Bring and Share Sarah & Lesley


Please contact Beryl if you can help; as we need more assistance with coffee and lunch times.

Thank you all for helping out.