The Bournemouth Branch of The Embroiderers' Guild

Programme of events 2019

Welcome to our web-site. 

We are a group of like minded stitchers of all levels living in and around Bournemouth, Dorset; who are interested in all types of textile work; hand stitching, machine stitching and beyond.

We normaly (see April) meet at:- West Parley Memorial Hall on the 4th Friday of each Month (not necessarily the last Friday!!). Between 09.30am and 3 pm.

Christchurch Rd, West Parley, Bournemouth, BH22 8SQ Welcome to our web-site.

Please arrive by about 9.30, for a prompt start at 10am;

this will allow time to set up the room, prepare your own materials and have an initial coffee.


For more information about our group please see the General Information page.

Monthly programme for 2019

27 Sept -Gill Lamey - "Light over Land and Sea" - Creative Needle Felting

25 Oct - Morning-AGM-11.00 promptly at "The Curlew". Lunch from 12.30

               Afternoon - Liz Thomas - Playing with Stitch

22 Nov - Susan Coope - How to begin the Design Process


Please arrive by 9.30, for a prompt start at 10am;

This will allow time for you to help set up the room, prepare your own materials and have an initial coffee/tea.

We are always very pleased to showcase the high standards and talents of Guild members. If you would like to take a workshop, for our branch, please speak to one of the committee members.


                                                      27 Sept -Gill Lamey 

                                   "Light over Land and Sea" - Creative Needle Felting

In this workshop you will be experimenting with cloth and fibres, to give a dramatic effect with light.

Bring 2 or 3 black and white photocopies, from your personal collection of land and seascapes. These will be used for a small collage, before moving onto cloth.

Materials list

* A4 Acylic felt base, in a neutral colour, i.e. white, grey, beige, light blue.

* 2 felting needles. I will also have some needles and holders to experiment with.

* Bondoweb.

* Backing parchment, for ironing your work.

* Glue stick, for a small collage

* A few drawing materials.

* Scissors, pins, sewing needles, a variety of threads.

* A personal selection of materials for felting with (i.e. soft and not too densely woven)

* Wool fleece in various colours (I will have a small amount available).

* A supporting cushion pad to work on.

* You may like to bring your own embellisher, I will bring mine for people to use.

* Cloth - bring cloth and fibres that have significance for you, i.e. faded, patched, torn, paint splatted and well worn cloth is more interesting, softer and easier to work with felting needles.

*Fibres, Fleece and Threads. As well as your usulal threads, you can invent suprising new ones. Pulled sacking threads, tearing selvige edges, tearing and twisting shears, all add interest to your work. Fleece is available on line or in local craft stores.

* Support Surface. You will need a foam cushion , to rest your work on, dense rubber foam is best and 5cm deep, to avoid breaking your needles. I will bring 8 pads along, in case you do not have one.

2019-Tea Coffee Rota

   Date.          Teacher.        Teacher's lunch provider.      Teas and Coffees providers.


Sep. 27th -Gill Lamey. (Vegetarian) Heather & Wendy        Heather & Wendy                        

Oct. 25th - AGM & Liz Thomas.   Jo G                               Lesley S & Wendy B

Nov. 22nd -Susan Coope.              Bring and share               Linda Cummings & Beryl Eady