The Bournemouth Branch of The Embroiderers' Guild

Programme of events 2019

Welcome to our web-site. 

We are a group of like minded stitchers of all levels living in and around Bournemouth, Dorset; who are interested in all types of textile work; hand stitching, machine stitching and beyond.

We normaly (see April) meet at:- West Parley Memorial Hall on the 4th Friday of each Month (not necessarily the last Friday!!). Between 09.30am and 3 pm.

Christchurch Rd, West Parley, Bournemouth, BH22 8SQ Welcome to our web-site.

Please arrive by about 9.30, for a prompt start at 10am;

this will allow time to set up the room, prepare your own materials and have an initial coffee.


For more information about our group please see the General Information page.

Monthly programme for 2019

22 Nov - Susan Coope -  Designing for Stitch Process.

No meeting for December



24th Jan - Anne HellyerSet theTown Alight 

28th Feb - Wendy Hermeline - Playing with Stripes.

27th March Ways of  Displaying your Stitching and stitching time.

24th April - Suzy Wright - Drawing with a Sewing Machine.

22nd May - Exhibit new finished work and stitching with Guidance.

26th June- Georgina Hopps - Fun with Printing Blocks.

24th July - Annette Emms - Imaginary Bird Panel.

25th Sep Dennise Rose - Nano Felting.

27th Oct - AGM

27th Nov - Barbara Isgar - Appliqué 

No meeting for December


Please arrive by 9.30, for a prompt start at 10am;

This will allow time for you to help set up the room, prepare your own materials and have an initial coffee/tea.

We are always very pleased to showcase the high standards and talents of Guild members. If you would like to take a workshop, for our branch, please speak to one of the committee members.



2019-Tea Coffee Rota

   Date.          Teacher.        Teacher's lunch provider.      Teas and Coffees providers.


Nov. 22nd -Susan Coope.          Bring and share          Linda Cummings & Beryl Eady



Jan. 24th. - Ann Hellyer.            Janet Lincoln.             Janet Lincoln & Cheryl Penna.

Feb.28th - Wendy Hermeline.    Rita Armitage.           Heather Rafferty & Lesley Sapsford.

Needs list for November

Workshop:- How to begin the design process

With Susan Coupe.


  1. A4 cartridge or water colour paper pad. You will be cutting and tearing out
  2. Drawing materials; pencils including soft pencils such as 2B, compressed charcoal, coloured pencils, chalk pastels.
  3. Water based paints such as Inks ,water colours ,acrylic plus palette to mix, (old plate or plastic dish will do)
  4. Black or Indian ink
  5. Bits of textured paper,( textured white wallpaper is great)I will bring some also. Magazine pages in a variety of tones, from white through grey to black.
  6. Tracing paper
  7. Thin card to make an expanding view finder, cereal packet card is ideal.
  8. Close up images of a theme of your choice. Alternatively, I will bring autumnal and coastal themed sheets of photos to share.
  9. Scissors and glue stick
  10. Newspaper to protect table
  11. Variety of paint brushes, flat, round pointy
  12. White Oil pastel or small white wax candle.


The aim of the workshop is to produce a selection of design compositions to inspire you to take forward into textiles pieces.