For any queries please e-mail Jo or Linda at- 

They will advise you which member of the committee can help you.

Links of interest. 

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             *DACE - The Dorset  Arts and  Crafts.

             *The Gallery Upstairs. Upton Country Park. www.the              

             *Colouricious- Textile Art and Crafts.

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Find out who else will be exhibiting at Showcase 2024 on the DACA website.

Arts and Crafts in Dorset Arts and Crafts Exhibitions - Dorset Arts and Crafts.

Although you don't need to be a DACA member, to take part in Showcase 2023, there are of advantages in joining us.

* 50% discount on entry fees, th the judged competitions.

* free admission to Showcase 2030 every day.

*sell your work in the Member Sales Gallery.

Did you know that we also accept group entries? If your group has produced a single piece of work, where six or more of you have been involved in creating it, you can enter it into the judged compertitions.

For any questions, about the entries, please contact Celia, our Entries Secretary, who will be pleased to help at-

Health and Safety

  • All members must sign in, as soon as they arrive and sign out if they leave the meeting early.

  • The First Aid Kit is located in the Kitchen.

  • Fire Procedure - If the alarm sounds, please exit the building by the fire escapes and assemble in the Left Hand corner of the car park. Please do NOT go home until told to do so by a member of the committee or the Fire Brigade.

  • Please ensure that all spillages are mopped up,

  • Electrical equipment - All equipment should be switched off when not in use (i.e- do not leave the iron on for the next person to use).

  • Always use an ironing pad when using the iron. Do not iron directly on a bare surface, such as a table top.

  • Extension leads must always be taped down, to avoid trip hazards. Never plug an extension lead into another extension lead. When the group members are using electrical equipment tables should be arranged around the electrical socket, so that trailing wires are not a trip hazard.
  • Always use a stand when using a soldering iron. Never leave a hot iron plate down on a surface.

  • Be aware that the end of a heat tool becomes red hot after approximately 30 seconds of use.

  • Always work in a well ventilated area, when working with fumes.


Safeguarding Adults Policy 2022

Our Embroiderers Group are committed to ensuring that it provides a safe and welcoming environment for all members and visitors, and recognises the need to safeguard both children and adults at risk, and to ensure their well-being..

Policy Statements:

* The Group will raise awareness of Adult vulnerabilities throughout its organisation, promoting positive actions and signposting members to relevant groups and information.

* The Group will not tolerate behaviours and actions that cause harm and will respond to concerns within (and about) branches or regions.

* The WCE will undertake to provide guidance to members who may have concerns outside our group, assisting them to find local resources and support.

We believe that:

* We all have a responsibility to help prevent abuse (physical, sexual, psychological, emotional, financial, and/or discriminatory abuse and neglect of adults at risk). Safeguarding is a whole group activity and not just the responsibility of designate committee.

* Discrimination, harassment and bullying are unacceptable. Members who present these behaviours should be challenged and, if necessary, barred from attending activities. Committe members who abuse their position in any way may be required to step down and should not take up any future officer role.

* Domestic abuse in all its forms is unacceptable. Should we discover any member is subject to such abuse we should seek to support them in seeking appropriate help and consider what practical help might be appropriate in relation to any volunteer duties they may be undertaking in their branch, region or, nationally, for our Group.

We are committed to:

* The establishment of a safe environment for meetings and other events.

* Raising awareness among members to create an informed vigilance about the dangers of abuse.

* Following the relevant legislation, in line with statutory, local, and specialist guidelines, in relation to safeguarding adults at risk.

* Ensuring that we keep up to date with national and local developments relating to safeguarding, reviewing this policy when needed.

* Taking all reasonable steps to ensure that everyone in our Group works within the agreed procedures of our safeguarding policies.

* Supporting our Group's Committee in any action they may need to take in order to protect adults at risk.

Responding to concerns and issues:

Where an allegation suggests that a criminal offence may have been committed or there is the prospect of a civil redress being sought, the local representative dealing with the issue should seek immediate advice from the Committee members.

If there is an immediate threat of harm, the Police should be contacted without delay.